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Hello and welcome to Spleen-Mart™, the store for Battered Spleen Productions™. Here you will find horrifying, terrifying, page turning, pillow hiding behind books. Be sure to check out our scary audio books and short story collections. Subscribe to our chilling magazines. Are you looking for an immediate scare? Do you want a long-lasting creep out that will keep you from sleeping for days? Maybe you just like things dark and moody? Could it be you just believe that the things lurking in the shadows are more interesting? Our products are about all of these things and more. Please browse and find your next nightmare.

Robert G. Male, Owner

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This is the most important night of Kristin's life. She's ready, and the timing couldn't be better. Nothing though, could prepare her for the dark secret that will turn her perfect night into a living nightmare.

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The Hard Price
Robert G. Male
Rated PG-13
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